About New Brand

New Brand is a footwear and clothing company with a unique promise: we will only sell and ship to places where we make at least a portion of our products. I.e. if we sell in Canada, we make a promise and commitment to make clothes in Canada.

If and when we expand to other countries, we will make the clothes we sell in that country locally - just as we are doing and will continue to do with the clothes we make in Canada.

We're working towards a future without mindless over-production and seismic waste. Currently, in the footwear/clothing industry, cheap manufacturing in far-off locations leads to 40% overproduction each season. That means nearly half of the clothes produced across the world end up in landfills before they are ever worn. Countless more are discarded after few wears and meaningless lives in the bottom of our closets.

We can stop this by creating with care. That's why our sneakers are made in Italy by skilled craftsman and our clothes are made in Canada, right around the corner from our customers.

It starts with us.